Everyone is great at something.

Two days ago, INNOVATIO (my group and I) did the last presentation (the final Dragon’s Den) for the module that maybe changed my life a little bit. Design Thinking for Start-Ups started off as one of those modules you are not entirely sure about, but ends up completely changing your perception of the true reason why you are where you are. At least it did for me (I am not making any promises, sorry!). Basically, we presented our product and our business (I have written about Runeasy before, and I will in the future, just to explain it further) in front of scary judges who had to judge our presentation skills, our product, our business, how we managed our finance, how we designed and presented everything, did we have a good idea, are any of our ideas actually good at all, and basically, is there a purpose for us on this planet really. Scary, huh? It was SO scary.


(A little favourite image of mine; Runeasy stand at Kingston Market)

We did have a mock the week before, and I was completely chilled, while one of my team mates, Tim, the loud, outspoken, grown-up person in our group was sweating like a pig (sorry Tim).

However, this Friday, my clenching jaw (the joys of having stage fright) came through and I was pretty sure we were gonna completely fail at this. Although we went through it so many times, and I finally understood why we went through it so many times in the end; to get a grip, to get into it, and to make it easier on us! (Thank you Janja!)

Anyway, we had this presentation and I came out of the room knowing that what I just did will mark the rest of my life (so dramatic, I am aware). I think I finally realised that I am actually good at arguing and fighting for what is mine, challenging others and presenting ideas with pride and joy. I was always very insecure of my ideas when it came to basically everything except writing music, but I think there are other things I can be just as proud of, and just as confident about. It finally came to me what our tutor Janja meant when she said; ‘If you don’t put this in your CVs, you’re being stupid.’ (Song, 2017)> some referencing! And she was right. I am so excited to put this in my CV and demonstrate that I actually started a little business, and did all the things other people who start a business need to do! How great is that!

Design Thinking was a very inspiring module. It taught me to believe in what I was doing, at every stage, to ‘kill the baby’ if necessary (not literally, we did not kill any babies, promise) and to really fight and show everyone that I strongly believe in what I am doing.

In our group, we have had many differences and arguments, some of which I would rather not say anything about because yes, just because. But I have learned that pride can never interfere with the goal and the outcome. It is also important to find out who is good at what, and how people work, because although it seems that everyone should be doing everything, trust me, it is a mess, and I do not recommend it. I am an extremely proud person, and admitting I am wrong is basically mission impossible (sorry people who love me, and thank you for loving me still), but when you are working with people, you just got to ‘bite the bullet’ sometimes, and just toughen up. TOUGHEN UP. Also an important lesson learned. So many lessons, I know, this module was amazing!

Basically, what I wanted to say was; I am so glad I got to be a part of this module and this project, because I have learned so much, and I am ready to go and inspire others to do the same. Believing is very important, and as cliche as it sounds; it really does make a difference, and it does shine through even when you really don’t feel like shining at all. (so poetic, I know) Accepting the differences between yourself and others is crucial, especially if you are going to be working with people, and lets face it; you will always, somehow end up working WITH people. Not everyone is going to have an eye for the aesthetics (mhm) and not everyone is going to understand finance properly; not everyone is going to be a master at convincing people into buying stuff or talking to you, and not everyone is going to be super talented for drawing and designing things. But everyone, and I mean EVERYONE is great at something. So you just have to find your something, and go full out on that something. And that might take you in a completely different direction in life, but hey, embrace it, because it is only going to help you do the best you can.


So I am gonna be a lawyer now. Yeah, that is what I wanted to tell you all with this blog.


Maybe not.


Good luck!





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